Childrens' Dreams Series

Ms. Anspach is currently working on her second series "Childrens' Dreams". The images convey the simplicity and beauty of a child's love for life and their unending faith that anything is possible.


The Director 30"x48"
(oil on canvas)


Ariella 30"x48"
(oil on canvas)


Golden Girl 30"x48"
(oil on canvas)


Kira 24" x 24"


Twins 48" x 30"


Three Girls 30" x 48"


The Road to Neverland 30x48"


America's Children Series

The "America Series" show how precious our children are, as creators of the future—theirs and ours. She captures the pure and sincere emotions that are often missed when a child thinks that no one is watching. Contemplation, triumph, pride and passion for life show in these beautiful paintings. Their richly textured surfaces reflect the early beginnings of Ms. Anspach's career. All are in oil on canvas.



Andreas 24" x 24"


Hayden 30"x 30"


Mackenzie 24" x 24"


Megan 24" x24"


Montana 24"x24"


Mother & Daughter 40" x 40"


Maria 24" x 24"